Saturday, May 12, 2012

HP Business Process Testing (HP BPT)

HP Business Process Testing (HP BPT)

  • Overview Quality Center
  • Overview site Administrator
  • Introduction to Business Process Testing
  • Overview of the Business Process Testing Automation Workflow
  • Advantages of Business Process Testing
  • Different Roles and Responsibilities involved in Business Process Testing
  • Manual components creation
  • Manual components Execution
  • Automation Components Creation
  • Overview of Application Area
  • Add new Parameters
  • Add Object repositories into Application Area
  • Add function file into Application Area
  • Keyword Components
  • Scripted Components
  • Develop keywords for a component
  • Create function library
  • Create Object Repository
  • Convert the manual component into scripted component
  • Add application area into the component
  • Automate the BPT component
  • Call Keywords
  • Match the function Parameters with Component Parameter
  • Prepare Unit Test
  • Add Scripted Component into Unit Test
  • Passing the Parameters Values
  • Add iterations if required
  • Run the Test
  • Build a Test Case consisting of Components
  • Build a Test Set
  • Execute a Component based Test Case
  • Overview of BPT work Flow
  • Overview Component test scenarios
  • How to build test scenarios
  • How to passing test data
  • Debugging components
  • Scenarios Execution
  • Execution reports

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